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28th Jan 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 4 – Execution

Up the close and doun the stair, But and ben wi’ Burke and Hare. Burke’s the butcher, Hare’s the thief, Knox the boy that buys the beef. —19th-century Edinburgh skipping...

20th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 3 – Punishment

‘These men perform miracles, for they “raise the dead”, they are slave dealers, for they sell men ; they are amusing, for they furnish subjects for conversation; scientific, for they...

14th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 2 – Protection

Onyxfeld, Early Winter Last week we began a brief study into the trade and industry of the infamous “body-snatchers,” those supposedly immoral and low collection of misfits who bravely and...

07th Jan 2015

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 1 – Extraction

Onyxfeld, Early Winter As I was recently traveling to the city of Onyxfeld, the train passed by a large, snow covered cemetery. The sight of it brought to mind a...

07th Oct 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic: Buried Alive – Three Times!

Onyxfeld,  Early winter – 1878 The cloying dark The choking dirt The air too thin to breathe. When buried deep Below the soil There’ll be no swift relief… -Dr Pembroke There...

26th Aug 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – Anatomy Night School

During the intellectually ravenous period of the mid to late 1700’s, the study of medicine was flourishing and blooming like some strange, bloody, sticky anatomical flower, as doctors engaged themselves...

25th Mar 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic: Electrifying Medicine Pt. 4 – Memory Loss

Onxyfeld, Late Winter 1872 Last week we witnessed first-hand the electric ‘resurrection’ of George Forster in 1803. This gruesome act was performed by a charismatic, exuberant scientist named Giovanni Aldini, hell-bent...

01st Feb 2015

Sunday Summary – February 1st, 2015

So what did you miss this week? Monday, January 26th, Australia rebelled over rum, the Weird Review reported on Pirates and Wenches, we revealed the list of Registered Airships for the 2015 Symposium...

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