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04th Aug 2016

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Kendal Black Drops

Those of you who are regular readers of my delightful romps through the darker side of medical science might sometimes lend themselves to question – where on earth does he get the...

10th Apr 2016

Dr. Pembroke at the International Steampunk Symposium

As night fell on Cincinnati, Ohio, the jolly mood of the 2016 International Steampunk Symposium assumed a darker cast. Secreted away in an abandoned panel room, Dr. Pembroke prepared to...

06th Feb 2016

Symposium Session – Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic Presented by J.D. Pembroke Theatrically staged medical performance (note: might be worth mentioning in the description that it’s not for those of a delicate or weak constitution – I...

30th Dec 2015

Medicine Macabre – Dr. Pembroke’s Favorite Articles of the Year

It is with only a small degree of sadness that I bid farewell to another year. As ever, it is not the time that has passed that matters as much as the experiences yet...

18th Nov 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Cure Baldness and Colds!

In all fairness, this installation of Remedies shouldn’t be attributed to me at all, but moreso to the great and evangelical John Wesley, whose solutions to everyday maladies of the...

28th Oct 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Remedies – Morphine and Babies!

It’s Halloween, and ’tis the time of year when we celebrate and immerse ourselves in the dark and diabolical, styling ourselves in the fabulous guises of demons and satanic forms, goblins, ghouls and ghosts,...

14th Oct 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic – True Love and Cannibalism on the High Seas

From Dr. Pembroke’s Journal – 17th February 1872 Location: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean Cannibalism; the eating of your own kind. Known technically as anthropophagy, human history is littered with examples of cannibalistic...

07th Oct 2015

Dr. Pembroke’s Clinic: Buried Alive – Three Times!

Onyxfeld,  Early winter – 1878 The cloying dark The choking dirt The air too thin to breathe. When buried deep Below the soil There’ll be no swift relief… -Dr Pembroke There...

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