Symposium 2017 Session – Wildcat Banks and Free Silver

Wildcat Banks and Free Silver: Currency in the 19th Century. Presented by B.A. Klapper Learn about the changes in currency during the nineteenth century.

Symposium 2017 Session – Secondhand to Steampunk

Secondhand to Steampunk Presented by M. Leigh Hood Learn to transform everyday thrift shop finds into unique costumes and props.

Symposium 2017 Session – Creating Steampunk Jewelry

Creating Steampunk Jewelry Presented by Lois Wallace Learn how to create your own one-of-a-kind Steampunk jewelry masterpiece with Lois Wallace of Victorian Magpie.

Symposium 2017 Session – A History of Beers and Ales of the World

A History of Beers and Ales of the World Presented by Professor Horatio Hops Prof. Horatio Hops and his Amazing Steambrewery Present: A Brief Victorian Dissertation on the History of the Beers & Ales of the World!

Symposium 2017 Session – Keeping the Steam in Steampunk Design

Keeping the Steam in Steampunk Design Presented by Lance T. Miller Professional insights on maintaining positive design practices in the commercial art and design community centered around Steampunk themes.

Symposium 2017 Session – Guns! Guns! Guns!

Guns! Guns! Guns! Presented by Zebulon Vitruvius Pike An introduction for writers and prop maker for how firearms actually work.

Steampunk Gaming at the Symposium

Earlier this week, on January 17th, 2017, gaming company C’MON launched their latest Kickstarter project for what might prove to be one of the best Steampunk games ever! Within hours of the launch it met its funding goals and confirmed its pending production. The game in question is The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, a tabletop game […]

Symposium 2017 Vendor – Rosswyvern Press

This April at the International Steampunk Symposium visit Rosswyvern Press for Steampunk novels and short stories by Geoffrey Mandragora and Robin Raymond.

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