2017 Steampunk Olympics – HMA Queen Elizabeth XV

QEXV Logo 2017 B2The great Tudor Star liner HMA Queen Elizabeth XV (QEXV) was founded by actors, participants, and playtrons of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Though we are not strictly made up of said individuals, those who count among our numbers embrace that same mindset we cultivate at the festival; to portray our characters, to be engaging, and to have fun doing it all.

If there is one thing that can be said of our crew and passengers, it is that we are friendly and personable, as well as good and fair competitors. Last year was our maiden voyage to the Steampunk Symposium, and though we did not place in the top three in the games, we were close. This year we will not be denied and through good sportsmanship, we hope to take home top honors in the competition. God save the Queen!


If you are crew member or passenger with the HMA Queen Elizabeth XV, or wish to support them, use the discount code QEXV to save 10% off weekend tickets and earn points for this team.

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