2017 Steampunk Olympics: FSS Mutineers

Heralding from the skies of Dayton, Ohio comes the FSS Mutineers to wreak their style of havoc and mayhem on the 2017 Steampunk Olympics!

FSS Mutineers Card

The crew of the FSS Mutineers were bonded together through determination, mistrust, and suspicion. After all, someone killed Captain Lucky, but no one will admit to who. It seems if no one takes on leadership, then everyone will be just fine.

FSS Mutineers

We’re a ship without a captain. We’re a ship with no cargo and one passenger to make us look legitimate. We still not really sure who that guy is or where he’s going. But life is about the journey, right? We drink, we play, we watch our backs all in solidarity of poor Capt’ Lucky, who was shot, stabbed, poisoned, immolated, and drowned. God rest his soul.

Even though this will be our first event as a ship, we had someone win the umbrella dueling. He wouldn’t leave the house without that umbrella until one of the spokes snapped. But the company has been really great about getting it repaired. We’ll try not to stab each other in the back!

If you are crew member or passenger with the FSS Mutineers, or wish to support them, use the discount code MUTINEERS to save 10% off weekend tickets and earn points for this team.

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