2017 Steampunk Olympics – Dodge City Airship

The Dodge City Airship drops anchor after its long journey from Dodge City. A floating casino and saloon that follows the action and comes prepared to compete. This is the Airship’s third year in the games and looks forward to competing in several competitions again this year.

Dodge City

The Airship has taken past titles in both Bocce and Penny Farthing, and does well in the Costume contest, Mustache Contest, and Iron Tailor. We are always looking for new members who enjoy gaming and good time. We look forward to meeting the other Airships on the field and enjoying some friendly competition during the day, with some good drinks after dark!

If you are crew member or passenger with the Dodge City, or wish to support them, use the discount code DODGE to save 10% off weekend tickets and earn points for this team.

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