The Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project

A week from now, June 24th to 26th, 2016, sees the start of this year’s Cincinnati 48 Film Festival in which filmmakers from all over the Cincinnati, OH area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the […]

Pandoracon 2016 Session – How to Build an Indie Game Studio

How to Build an Indie Game Studio Presented by Jay Kidd & Steve Dorgan (Wraith Games) Let Jay and Steve of Wraith Games tell you how to start an indie game studio!

5 (Last Minute) Costume Ideas for Midsummer Masquerade

The 2016 Cincinnati Midsummer Masquerade is officially one month away. What does that mean for you? Well, if you’ve already planned your costume, then you can continue plucking along – provided that plan included some construction time, and you haven’t caved to the Lords of Procrastination. Still, if you at least know what you’re doing, […]

Pandoracon 2016 Vendor – Grandmas Bane Crafts

This November, Grandmas Bane Crafts brings products to bemuse, intrigue or just make people feel generally uncomfortable at Pandoracon 2016.

John Colarusso–East of the Sun

Imagine waking up one morning and discovering an entirely new part of the world that no one ever realized existed. That was what it was like for me when I discovered the Nart Sagas. The Nart Sagas a collection of myths and legends from Circassia and Ossetia, cultural regions that were swallowed up by Russia […]

Pandoracon 2016 Session – “Final Fantasy” Through the Ages

Final Fantasy Through the Ages Presented by Leora Panzarella (Mad-Hatters Tea Association) Come delve into the history of one of the largest JRPG franchises in existence – Final Fantasy.

Upcoming Summer Films

Tis the season for big summer blockbusters! Need a weekend escape or a plan for a dull evening? These new releases might be able to help, whether you are looking for action, horror, new stories, reboots, or kids’ flicks.

Pandoracon 2016 Vendor – Lady Heathers Fashions

This November, Lady Heathers Fashions brings quality leather work and clothing for those looking for unique steampunk and alternative fashions at Pandoracon 2016.

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