Pandoracon 2016 Session – Accessibility in Games

Accessibility in Games Presented by Jay Kidd & Steve Dorgan (Wraith Games) With gaming becoming more popular than ever, games that are accessible to disabled individuals are more important than ever.

The Matrix 4 and 5?

They are not the sequels we deserve, and certainly not the ones we need right now, but it doesn’t look like the Wachowskis care about that.

Pandoracon 2016 Vendor – Rosswyvern Press

This November at Pandoracon visit Rosswyvern Press for Steampunk novels and short stories by Geoffrey Mandragora and Robin Raymond.

Sarah Hans–East of the Sun

Welcome back to East of the Sun! This week we are exploring the Mediterranean sea, as well as Africa. As this is a very broad region, we’ve invited an author with a very broad scope. Please welcome Sarah Hans, editor of Steampunk World. Sarah is an author, editor, and educator. About a dozen of her […]

Pandoracon 2016 Session – VR: From Sci-Fi, to Reality, & Beyond!

VR: From Sci-Fi, to Reality, & Beyond! Presented by Jay Kidd & Steve Dorgan (Wraith Games) A session in which Jay and Steve of Wraith Games will teach you all about virtual reality . . . past, present and future!

Game of Thrones: Women’s Work

Warning! Spoilers lurk below this point! Season five of Game of Thrones came under fire for its depiction of women, particularly the showrunners’ choice to depict graphic sexual violence against a main female character. It wasn’t the first time GOT received some flames for the sake of its female characters, but hopefully it will be the last.

Midsummer Masquerade 2016 – The Armored Lady

On July 16th, 2016, the Midsummer Masquerade will have a variety of vendors and services, including The Armored Lady with their wide variety of costume pieces, Steampunk props, jewelry, fiber crafting supplies, and accessories

Happy 30th Birthday “Labyrinth”

On June 27th, 1986 the film Labyrinth was first released in the USA, but it would be another five months before it came out in Britain (November 28th, 1986). To celebrate three decades of one of the best fantasy movies ever made, here are five things that you might not have known about Labyrinth.

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