Do Androids Dream of Electric Music?

Many people are somewhat familiar with British electronic music innovator Gary Numan as a result of his overplayed hit song “Cars” and its catchy line “Here in my car, I feel safest of all. In cars.” Unfortunately “Cars” overshadows a wealth of other songs by Numan and the band in which it all began, Tubeway […]

Symposium Session – A Reading from “Strangely Beautiful”

A Reading from Strangely Beautiful Presented by Leanna Renee Hieber. Leanna Renee Hieber’s critically acclaimed, nationally bestselling Gothic Gaslamp Fantasy series featuring a Spiritual police force fighting a mythic foe in 1880s London has reissued in new, revised editions with new scenes and content thanks to Tor Books.

March 31st, 1903 – New Zealand, First in Flight?

Richard William Pearse was a New Zealand farmer and inventor who performed pioneering experiments in aviation. It is claimed Pearse flew and landed a powered heavier-than-air machine on March 31st, 1903, some nine months before the Wright brothers flew their aircraft.

Medicine Macabre – The Music of Surgery

Who can choose when or where the Muses descend and sow their creative seeds, and significantly, who can decide what form that creativity takes? For example: to some, my work is an abomination. To me, it is art. Suffice it to say, the Muse assigned to Monsieur Maraise was having a particularly bad day when it proffered upon him […]

Symposium Session – Dance Basic Waltz

Dance Basic Waltz Presented by Don Dodson, Jill Lusher, & Patrick Lusher. This is a Social Ballroom dance class teaching basic Waltz steps, but with an emphasis on having fun.

March 30th, 1909 – Opening of the Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge, also known as the 59th Street Bridge – because its Manhattan end is located between 59th and 60th Streets – and officially titled the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, is a cantilever bridge over the East River in New York City that was opened on March 30th, 1909.

Symposium Session – Mixology Madness

Mixology Madness (21+) Presented by Calamity Dawn, Dorian Bridges and Odetta Von Kasek A hands on Mixology Experience!

Maker Interview: Sierra

Artists come in all shapes and sizes – as does the art they create. Meet Sierra, who builds her art from the inside out. Plushies, traditional art, digital illustration, and three dimensional models all emerge from her work space, filling out her portfolio or finding new homes via Etsy. What was your artistic gateway drug, […]

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