February 24th, 1868 – The President Impeached!

On February 24th, 1868, something extraordinary happened in the U.S. Congress. For the first time in history, the United States House of Representatives impeached a sitting president, Democrat Andrew Johnson. Now, Johnson faced trial before the U. S. Senate. If convicted, he would be removed from office.

20 Very Good Reasons to Have Some Tea. Now.

While it is unlikely you need twenty good reasons to have a cup of tea, we couldn’t think of a particularly good reason you wouldn’t need twenty good reasons to have a cup of tea, either. So here we are. Put the kettle on, because you’re going to need it when we’re through.

Symposium Session – Adopt a Pet Octopus

Adopt a Pet Octopus (Ages 10 and Under) Presented by Pixie Sue Schmid, Angelina Venti, & Lisa Boswell Come pick out an octopus to customize and take home with you!

February 23rd, 1854 – The Orange Free State

On February 23rd, 1854, the official independence of the Orange Free State was declared.

Film Reviews with a Drag Queen: The Witch

Stixen’s Spoiler-Free Summary An interesting look into the darker effects of religion as well as folklore. It is very much a mixture between an oil painting, The Crucible and The Village. And while I didn’t particularly like any of the characters, I enjoy that you can truly pick apart of the elements of this film […]

Symposium Session – 30 Steampunk Books in 30 Minutes

30 Steampunk Books in 30 Minutes Presented by Dr. Gintia Peaseblossom & Salathial Palland A bookseller and a librarian team up to quickly present a wide variety of books and why you might want to read them.

February 22nd, 1872 – The Prohibition Party

The Prohibition Party (PRO) is a political party in the United States best known for its historic opposition to the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is the oldest existing third party in the US having held its first national convention on February 22nd, 1872 in Columbus, Ohio, where James Black was nominated as its presidential nominee.

Sunday Summary – February 21st, 2016

So what did you miss this week? This week The Pandora Society looked at Steampunk Sculptors Creating Art Through Recycling, spread rumors of a Steampunk Soap Opera, went Wild West, raced teapots, competed with Iron Tailors, got naughty with Victorian Erotica, picked our favorite robots, and a lot more . . .

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