Sunday Summary – January 31st, 2016

So what did you miss this week? This week The Pandora Society interviewed steampunk model/enthusiast Nivi Hicks, fought zombies with Jane Austin, ballroom danced at the International Steampunk Symposium, looked at Steven Moffat’s ups and downs with Doctor Who, raced remote controlled dirigibles through the airspace of the Symposium, interviewed Steampunk author Kara Jorgensen, got drunk on absinthe at […]

Symposium Session – Local Dieselpunk/Steampunk Film Showcase

Local Dieselpunk/Steampunk Film Showcase Presented by Nyx R. Grabe Screening of  three movies: The Wars of Other Men, Fragility and The Making of The Wars of Other Men.

Puzzle Castles

There is nothing more delightfully steampunk than a castle made of gears and levers that changes shape when you press the right buttons. Myst is probably one of the originators of this theme, seeing as how steam-powered puzzles are their stock-in-trade. But they are far from being the only ones. While we’ve yet to have […]

January 31st, 1915 – Poison Gas Attack

The Battle of Bolimów was an inconclusive battle of World War I fought on January 31st, 1915 between Germany and Russia and considered a preliminary to the Second Battle of the Masurian Lakes. It was the first to make large-scale use of poison gas in warfare.

Symposium Session – Intro to Podcasting

Intro to Podcasting Presented by Troy Copes An introduction to all you need to know about getting started in podcasting!

Steampunk Crowdfunding Roundup: January 2016 Edition

There are several books looking for backing this month. I find this to be the category of Steampunk projects I see on Kickstarter the most often, and it is really cool to see so many people going out there and making their dreams of being an author become reality. So if you are looking for […]

January 30th, 1835 – President Jackson’s Assassin

Richard Lawrence was a house painter and the first known person to attempt to assassinate the President of the United States. Lawrence attempted to shoot President Andrew Jackson outside the United States Capitol on January 30th, 1835.

Symposium Session – Absinthe: Your Portal Wonderland Awaits

Absinthe; Your Portal Wonderland Awaits Presented by Greg Bogard & Justin Greathouse Talking about and Tasting of many Absinthe varieties (21+ session).

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