Victorian Metallurgy

Everybody knows that gold-coloured metals, whether brass, or bronze or pure gold, are a staple of Victorian decoration and, therefore, steampunk aesthetics. But why? Is it simply an artistic choice, or is there a reason why we associate those metals with that particular era? Let’s take a look at what metals are in use today, […]

Symposium Vendor – ShopTroll

A self-described fusty old troll… Pete started his crafting career on the Renaissance Festival circuit. Over two decades crafting led him to where he is now, making functional adjustable leather clothing. Using only riveted seam construction (no sewing), Shoptroll creates incredibly adjustable leather clothing. Skirts, pocket belts, kilts, boob snugglies and gloves are all available […]

This Day in History – January 9th, 1839

In 1829 French artist and chemist Louis Jacques-Mandé Daguerre, contributing a cutting edge camera design, partnered with Niépce, a leader in photochemistry, to further develop their technologies. The two men came into contact through their optician, Chevalier, who supplied lenses for their camerae obscurae. François Arago announced the daguerreotype process at a joint meeting of the […]

Symposium Vendor – War Pony Candy Forge

Handcrafted hard candy, chocolate and confections. With over 30 flavors of hard candy a dozen different kinds of chocolate – and specialty confections (4-Salt Caramel, Smokey Bacon Almond Brittle to name a few) War Pony Candy Forge is your one stop shop for a unique gift or mid-day treat. War Pony Candy Forge focuses on natural […]

Weekend Recommendations – January 8th, 2015

It’s time for your weekly report of where we’re going to be this weekend, or where we wish we could be . . . Click on the banners to learn more and RSVP to the event’s Facebook page.   Friday, January 9th, 2015 10:00PM – The Drinkery, 1150 Main St. Cincinnati, OH  David Bowie Birthday Party […]

This Day in History – January 8th, 1811 & 1867

Sometimes events that are years apart on the same day are bonded by the unfolding path of history and progress and today is such a day. Let us start with a man called Charles Deslondes who was one of the slave leaders of the 1811 German Coast Uprising, a slave revolt that began on January 8th, […]

Symposium Vendor – CreativeKender Press

CreativeKender Press offers fine dragon art done in several medias. This includes printmaking, watercolor, marker, jewlery making and more. Learn more about her artwork at

Pembroke’s Clinic – The Resurrection Men, Pt 1 – Extraction

Onyxfeld, Early Winter As I was recently traveling to the city of Onyxfeld, the train passed by a large, snow covered cemetery. The sight of it brought to mind a common issue faced by surgeons and anatomists of the modern world in which we live, namely the sore deficit of cadavers available for the study […]

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