The Dauntless Chronicles 2014

. . . the further exploits of Columbus, Ohio’s merry military airship. Report filed by Commander Edwina Tweed of the HMAS Dauntless. After the “Star Wars” themed Steampunk Symposium last year, the Dauntless took a much needed  break to re-organize the hold, re-supply and re-tool some of the cabins. After that, it was time to begin […]

This Day in History – January 17th, 1904

The Cherry Orchard was the last play by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov. It opened at the Moscow Art Theatre on January 17th, 1904 in a production directed by Constantin Stanislavski. Although Chekhov intended it as a comedy, and it does contain some elements of farce, Stanislavski insisted on directing the play as a tragedy. Since this […]

Speed Dating at the Voodoo Carnival

Currently until the end of January, we are having a Valentine’s Special for couples to save money on tickets, but what about all the singles who want to attend the fifth annual Voodoo Carnival? To continue our theme of love in the shadows of Mardi Gras we shall be adding something new to the Voodoo […]

Kentucky & Indiana Pin Design Contest

Back in 2009 the Ohio Steampunk Society was formed and adopted a steampunked version of the Buckeye flag as its emblem. Last year The Pandora Society began producing pins of the flag and they have become very popular . . . even Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor Who) has one. 2014 also saw the formal […]

This Day in History – January 16th, 1581 & 1786

One of the famous tenants laid out by the revolutionary “founding fathers” of the United States of America was the idea of separation of church and state. The concept is that America has no official religion, and more importantly that government stays out of religious politics. For centuries Europe faced ongoing conflicts between Catholics and […]

Weekend Recommendations – January 15th, 2015

It’s time for your weekly report of where we’re going to be this weekend, or where we wish we could be . . . Click on the banners to learn more and RSVP to the event’s Facebook page.   Saturday, January 17th, 2015 3PM to 6PM – Geek Bar Beta, 1941 W North Street, Chicago, Illinois […]

Illuminated Menagerie – DIY on a Budget

With the introduction of the new year and the ending of the holiday season, we are surrounded by clearance sales. This is a wonderful time for crafters. Hello, LED Christmas lights! But what to do with your haul? Have any faeries the attic? A manticore loose in the garden? A few small dragons in need […]

This Day in History – January 15th, 1870

Satiric cartoonist Thomas “Father of the American Cartoon” Nast (September 27th, 1840 – December 7th, 1902) is a figure who should be more widely remembered. In addition to giving us the modern version of Santa Claus, later appropriated by Coca Cola, he also gave us the caricature of Uncle Sam that seems timeless; Nast did […]

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