This Day in History – January 20th, 1841

Some of the earliest items sold to China in exchange for tea were British clocks, watches and musical boxes known as “sing-songs”. These were not enough to compensate for the trade imbalance caused by the massive quantities of tea exported and the insistence by the Chinese that it be paid for in silver. After the […]

The International Steampunk Symposium Endurance Race (Games)

The Symposium Games began with the very first Steampunk Symposium in 2012 and is the signature event of this convention; think of it as being the Steampunk Olympics! Over the course of the weekend, a dozen teams from various cities compete in a series of civil and definitely eccentric sports and challenges, accrue points, and […]

Disciples of the New Dawn . . . Satire, or Sincere?

On January 7th, 2015 two pictures were added to Facebook that went viral in the Steampunk Community, mostly through many ladies and chaps laughing at them, but click upon the original posting of the image and hundreds of comments spew forth disgust and animosity toward the group that posted them, while some, seemingly from provocative […]

This Day in History – January, 19th, 1915

Georges Claude was a French engineer and inventor. He is noted for his early work on the industrial liquefaction of air, for the invention and commercialization of neon lighting, and for a large experiment on generating energy by pumping cold seawater up from the depths. Considered by some to be “the D”, he was an active collaborator with […]

Sunday Summary – January 18th, 2014

So what did you miss this week? Monday, January 12th, the Aeronautical Society of Great Britain took flight, we looked at the Sacred Art of Tea, and there was an interview with me, Mr. Fox!     Tuesday, January 13th, the city of New Orleans burnt to the ground in 1830 . . . again, in 2014 the city celebrated and […]

Short Story – “The Parable of the Box”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you a Sunday Steampunk Short Story. If you wish to submit your own prose for the reading pleasure of The Pandora Society please following the instructions at the end of this tale . . .  “The Parable of the Box” by James Pembroke I. “Hey you! Stop!” I should have known this […]

This Day in History – January 18th, 1884

William Price was a Welsh physician known for his support of Welsh nationalism, Chartism and his involvement with the Neo-Druidic religious movement. He has been recognized as one of the most significant figures of 19th-century Wales, and one of the most unusual in Victorian Britain. Born to a lower-class household in Monmouthshire, Wales, he trained as […]

The Order of the Lion – A Lifetime Commitment

  Ladies & Gentleman, as the Symposium heads into its fourth year, the show continues to grow and grow, and gets stronger and stronger. For those with the utmost faith in the convention we offer only a dozen of these per year . . . the Order of the Lion, a lifetime membership to the International Steampunk […]

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