December 18th, 1912 – The Piltdown Hoax

At a meeting of the Geological Society of London on December 18th, 1912, Charles Dawson claimed that a workman at the Piltdown gravel pit had given him a fragment of the skull four years earlier. According to Dawson, workmen at the site discovered the skull shortly before his visit and broke it up in the […]

Voodoo Carnival 2016 – DJ V-RAL

DJ V-RAL is the symbiotic result of a virus within the OS of a standard MP Android. The base programming is still active, though heavily altered and the virus is compelled to spread via musical communication . . . what does that mean? That means you’re going to DANCE this February at the Voodoo Carnival!

Steampunk Stress Relief: Adult Coloring Books & Events

Coloring is an activity that many people would associate with childhood, but recently the activity has found a different demographic. Adult coloring books are topping bestsellers’ list worldwide, but it is not simply due to the enjoyment of the activity. Medical researchers have studied the therapeutic properties that the simple act of coloring in a drawing can provide; these health benefits include a decrease in stress and anxiety. And there are a wide variety of books available, including those dedicated to steampunk.

December 17th, 1903 – The Flight of the Wright Brothers

The first controlled powered heavier-than-air flight was made by the Wright brothers in their Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17th, 1903.

The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 71: Interview with Twill Distilled!

Holy frak! We have Twill Distilled on the podcast! Twill is a nerdcore hip-hop artist from Columbus, Ohio! You might remember her from the interview we did with Alpha Riff a while back. Her first album, “Planet Twill” was released on December 7th of this year and is pretty awesome! We talk about how she […]

Voodoo Carnival 2016 – Crimson Carnival

At the November Cincinnati Steampunk Salon we held The Pandora Society’s first ever Talent Show; there were many great acts, but there could only be one winner, and that place went to Crimson Carnival whose prize was to perform at the 2016 Voodoo Carnival, and here they are . . .

The Flight of the Albatross

“The Airship Chronicles” has thus far focused on the science of airships and their development, but this series was designed to include fictional airships as well as historical ones . . . so ladies and gentlemen, please behold the almighty Albatross!

December 16th, 1826 – The Fredonian Rebellion

Benjamin W. Edwards was an American colonist in early Texas, and it was on December 16th, 1826 that he rode into Mexican-controlled Nacogdoches, Texas, and declares himself ruler of the Republic of Fredonia. Five days later saw the outbreak of what became known as Fredonian Rebellion.

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