LAST DAY to Win a Lifetime Membership

Our special New Year’s Eve promotion is now upon us, and TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter our drawing to win win a lifetime membership to the Symposium!  

Steampunk Tea Parties: A Holiday Tradition

Steampunk-themed tea parties are particularly popular in North America during the winter. Knowing a bit about the history of tea and the rituals surrounding its consumption can help a participant enjoy the experience. There are also some traditional resources and touches of whimsy that can help you host a party of your own.

December 31st, 1853 – Dinner in a Dinosaur?

You may have amazing plans to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but are they so amazing as to involve a life sized dinosaur?

The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 73: Interview with Basement Fodder Podcast – Part Two!

Today, we conclude our interview with Todd and Dave of Basement Fodder Podcast! Check out Basement Fodder Podcast at… Podcast Garden! Facebook! Twitter! Tumblr! And don’t forget to subscribe to all their things! Listen below and enjoy! END OF LINE

ONE More Day to Win That Symposium Lifetime Membership

Our special New Year’s Eve promotion is nearly upon us, leaving only ONE more days to enter our drawing to win win a lifetime membership to the Symposium!

Calamity’s Corner: When the Ball Drops!

The holidays are winding to a close, presents have been given, food has been consumed, and the year is drawing to a close. New Year’s Eve celebrations have been going on for quite some time, and there’s one tried and true tradition that many of us indulge in. Sparkling wine at midnight! We used to […]

Medicine Macabre – Dr. Pembroke’s Favorite Articles of the Year

It is with only a small degree of sadness that I bid farewell to another year. As ever, it is not the time that has passed that matters as much as the experiences yet to come. Yes, the new year beckons like a fresh cadaver; full of fresh meat, bursting with discoveries, secrets, cuts and cavities to be explored, and is usually a good deal […]

December 30th, 1903 – The Iroquois Theatre Fire

The Iroquois Theatre fire happened on December 30th, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois. It was the deadliest theater fire and the deadliest single-building fire in United States history. At least 602 people died as a result of the fire, but not all the deaths were reported, as some of the bodies were removed from the scene.

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