November 15th, 1914 – A Deadly Game of Football

Harry Turner was a professional football player. He was one of the most popular players on the Canton Professionals, the pre-National Football League version of the Canton Bulldogs who played in the Ohio League. The team’s center, Turner played with the Pros from around 1911 until his death on November 15th 1914.

Where Science Meets Games

This is the 21st century and we’re all glued to our phones, tablets, and computers. By the 22nd century we plan to be wired directly in, but for now we have to settle for a visual connection instead of a neural one. These devices we use to augment our own potential reality are capable of […]

Symposium Vendor – The Spectra Nova

Steampunk & Cosplay Medals, Pocket Watch Chains & Fobs, Chatelaines, Cockades, & More!

November 14th, 1910 – Ship to Shore Flight

On November 14th, 1910, aviator Eugene Burton Ely performed the first take off from a ship in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He took off from a makeshift deck on the USS Birmingham in a Curtiss pusher.

Symposium Vendor – Starlight Masks and Designs

Starlight Masks and Designs sells Masks, Vintage Wear, Steampunk Accesories, Goth Accessories, and More!

Masks: Anonymity and Excess

Masks were originally part of the regalia for religious rituals and early theater in Europe. The fashion of wearing masks as an accessory did not make its way to the Continent until the early 1570’s when Italian courtesans began wearing stylish face coverings in order to hide their identity while in public. Although masks are worn for many purposes in the modern era, the celebration of Halloween is currently the main reason for choosing to cover one’s face. The purpose of “masking” ones identity remains the same as in the Sixteenth Century: The scope, however, has grown through the years until it is now an industry that draws in over 5 billion dollars annually for a single day of celebration.

November 13th, 1901 – The Caister Lifeboat Disaster

The Caister Lifeboat Disaster of November 13th, 1901 occurred off the coast of Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, England. Events took place during what became known as the “Great Storm” which caused havoc down the East coasts of England and Scotland.

Richmond Steampunk Salon – November Report

This month’s Richmond Virginia (RVA) Steampunk Salon went very well. This was our second Salon and we doubled our numbers. That’s not that big a deal when we went from 5 – 10 (11 if you count R2D2) but it’s showing progress for the growth of the RVA Steampunk scene. We drew a few visitors […]

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