November 28th, 1905 – Ireland’s Declaration of Independence

On November 28th, 1905, Irish nationalist Arthur Griffith founded Sinn Féin (“We Ourselves”) as a political party with the main aim of establishing a dual monarchy in Ireland. 

From This City of Nightmares, What Dreams May Come?

In 1987 K.W. Jeter coined the term “steampunk” in a letter to Locus magazine. Jeter used the term to qualify the neo-Victorian writings that he, James Blaylock, and Tim Powers, were producing. This term was in part a play on the term “cyberpunk,” which was a popular genre in the late 1980s. Steampunk is a genre of speculation, whether it is set in an alternative version of Victorian England, in an alternative American West, in a future where steam power rather than electrical current runs the world, or in a fantasy setting where steam power is in mainstream use. It owes a debt of gratitude for its creation to such authors as Jules Verne, Mary Shelly, and H.G. Wells: Their works are speculative and include many of the aspects that readers now associate with modern steampunk novels. In terms of world building, though, the genre owes an even larger debt to Charles Dickens and his depiction of Victorian England.

November 27th, 1810 – The Berners Street Hoax

The Berners Street hoax was perpetrated by Theodore Hook in the City of Westminster, London, on November 27th, 1810. Hook had made a bet with his friend, Samuel Beazley, that he could transform any house in London into the most talked-about address in a week, which he achieved by sending out thousands of letters in the name […]

Symposium Vendor – Silversärk

Silversärk produces bespoke and custom historically-inspired clothing for ladies and gentlemen.

Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI

For the fifth year, the Promethean Society has presented the Fair of Mad Science at TeslaCon VI, where builders display all manner of working gadgets and non-working props. And for the fifth year, I continue to be amazed by the entries. People submit all manner of props: rocket packs, weapons, detectors, time machines, breathing apparatus, […]

November 26th, 1863 – The FIRST “Thanksgiving” Holiday

On November 26th, 1863 United States President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that day as a national Thanksgiving Day, to be celebrated annually on the final Thursday of November. The first documented thanksgiving services in territory currently belonging to the United States were conducted by Spaniards in the 16th century. Thanksgiving services were routine in what was to become the […]

The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 68: The Endor Conspiracy!

Remember way back 10 episodes ago in Episode 58 “Hopes and Fears of Episode VII” we brought up how you never saw the planet of Endor in Return of the Jedi, and how we said we were going to continue to talk about that and possibly have it be a podcast? Well, here is that […]

Symposium Vendor – Herbal Turtle Teas

Herbal Turtle Teas are bringing their handcrafted tea blends to the International Steampunk Symposium this April.

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