Symposium Vendor – Time Traveler Outfitters

Time Traveler Outfitters is a purveyor of historically inspired costume designs for men, women and children.

All Hallows Eve

Every year in America, starting in about July, the patriotic merchandise goes onto the clearance shelves, and the Halloween merchandise comes out to take its place. This merchandise is known by it’s traditional orange and black, and also by the stylized version of “scary” it presents to the public. Plastic ghouls, unconvincingly bloody knives, and […]

October 31st, 1913 – The Indianapolis Streetcar Strike

The Indianapolis streetcar strike of 1913 and the subsequent police mutiny and riots was a breakdown in public order in Indianapolis, Indiana. The events began as a workers strike by the union employees of the Indianapolis Traction & Terminal Company and their allies on Halloween night, October 31st, 1913.

A Chance to Give Back – Canned Food and Clothing Drive

Do the Can Can Can – If You Can Can Can!

It’s time to kick up your legs and join in the fun as our airship brings you its fourth philanthropic event of the year! Search your pantry! Clean out your closets! Then bring your canned goods – worn attire- unused jackets – old baby clothes and team up with Her Royal Airship Ashanti as we host our first ever Canned Goods and Clothing Drive. Starting November 7th, HRA Ashanti will be collecting items for St. Vincent de Paul on
– November 7th during the November Salon at Molly Malone’s,
– November 18th at the Cincinnati Geek Club at Molly Malone’s and lastly
– December 5th at the December Salon at Molly Malone’s

The Last Witch Hunter: Good Speculative Fiction Fun

The Last Witch Hunter opened last week to mixed reactions. The critical reviews were terrible. In many media outlets the film critics seem to have a contest about who could make the smarmiest comments about the film and its fans. Yet the sci-fi, horror, and fantasy web sites and blog pages created by fans of the genre loved it. The comment sections on these fan sites, and even on articles “blasting” the movie, are overwhelmingly positive. Once again it leads into that interesting realm of a genre film that fans love and professional movie critics love to hate.

October 30th, 1938 – Invaders from Mars!

On October 30th, 1938 there was an attempted invasion of the United States by Martian forces and one man was there to witness it . . . fortunately Mr. Orson Welles had a radio show with which to report the invasion to his fellow Americans!

The First Internal Combustion Engine Airship

The first airship with an internal combustion engine, running on coal gas used to inflate the envelope, was flown by Paul Haenlein in 1872.

Fleetingness of Life in History

In “The Woman Who Lived” this week on Doctor Who, the long-lived Ashildr explained how she gave up having children because she grew tired of burying them. Specifically, she lost three small children to the Black Death in the 14th century. The reality of most of history, however, is that people died all the time, […]

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