August 12th, 1877 – Martian Moon Discovered!

In the 1870’s the lead authority on Mars was not H.G. Wells; it was American astronomer Asaph Hall who discovered the Martian moon Deimos on August 12th, 1877.

The Misadventures of Major Tom

When it comes to “Outer Space Music” a seminal work has to be David Bowie’s 1969 single “Space Oddity” featuring the timeless adventure into space with Major Tom.

Ohio Ren Fair Officially Welcomes Time Travelers

While we might have to wait for November 14th for the fifth annual Time Travelers’ Ball, we don’t have to wait for time travel. Or, rather, we don’t have to wait very long.

August 11th, 1919 – The Birth of the Weimar Republic

On August 11th, 1919 the imperial form of government came to an official end in Germany with the adoption of the constitution of the Weimar Republic. Named by historians after Weimar, the city where the constitutional assembly took place, it was a period in which Germany was a federal republic and semi-presidential representative democracy. This period of Germany’s history […]

More Events for August

This weekend saw the sixth Ye Olde Yellow Cabaret in Dayton, Ohio, a Steampunk inspired night of bands headlined by Frenchy and the Punk, dancers, sideshow, and other delights. But now that’s all done, what other Steampunk related events can one look forward to this month?

LARPs Immerse Players at Gen Con

This year, over 60,000 geeks of all flavors converged on Indianapolis, Indiana for the Gen Con gaming convention, held between July 30 And August 2. It offered over 15,000 different events, most of which were opportunities to play just about every game imaginable, including role-playing games, collectible and non-collectible card games, board games, historical and […]

August 10th, 1899 – Viking Football

The Norwegian football club Viking FK was founded in Stavanger on August 10th, 1899 and played mainly local games in the early years. From the 1930s, the club established itself at the national level, playing in the 1933 cup final, which it lost to Mjøndalen. During the 1930s the club produced several of its best known […]

Sunday Summary – August 9th, 2015

So what did you miss this week? This week we took a trip on not one, but two airships of the past, witnessed what happens when Steampunk meets Rocky Horror, got to watch several Steampunk short films, had a sensational story of Swedish incest and murder, hung out with the legendary Robin Hood, and a whole […]

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