The Transhumanism of “Immortal”

Egyptian gods and goddesses, a political martyr, a polluted future populated by transhumans, flying cars, a flying pyramid, French existentialist philosophy, and a beautiful protagonist with alabaster white skin and blue hair . . . the 2004 film Immortal had all the potential to be the most epic Cyberpunk movie of all time, but why does it […]

August 20th, 1940 – “Never was so much owed by so many to so few”

Never was so much owed by so many to so few was a wartime speech made by the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill on August 20th, 1940. The name stems from the specific line in the speech, Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few, referring […]

Pickled Brothers Circus – Time Travelers Ball 2015

Partying through time and space can be pretty freaky . . . so what better for the Time Travelers’ Ball than our regular sideshow freaks The Pickled Brothers Circus!

Calamity’s Corner: Martini Madness!

Of all the drinks, in all the world, none holds quite the mystique, the elegance, and the image of the Martini. I’m not talking about your Appletinis, Chocotinis, fruity-fru-fru-vodka-and-liqueur in a stemmed glass, no. It takes more than a fancy martini glass to make a Martini. (These days I refer to those other drinks as […]

August 19th, 1812 – Victory for “Old Ironsides”

The USS Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy, named by President George Washington after the Constitution of the United States of America, and on August 19th, 1812 she earned the nickname “Old Ironsides.”

Star Trekkin Across the Universe!

September 28th, 1987 saw the debut of Star Trek – The Next Generation airing its first episode ever and launching a show that would last seven seasons and spawn two other TV shows and four feature films . . . but earlier that same summer was another Star Trek phenomonina . . . “Star Trekkin” by The Firm!

Minas Tirith: A Hobbit’s Pipe Dream?

In a day and age when we can literally visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, have tea with Alice, and experience a world made of giant Legos, it is not so surprising that fans of unrealized epics are turning to crowd funding to launch their dreams. The scale of their dreams is, however, a […]

August 18th, 1920 – American Women Win Right to Vote!

The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. It was ratified on August 18th, 1920. The Constitution allows the states to determine the qualifications of voters, subject to limitations imposed by later amendments. Until the 1910s, […]

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