Cincinnati Steampunk Salon – August 2015 Report

This month the Cincinnati Steampunk Salon took a bit of a walk on the wild side with The Rocky Horror Show and a change in format. For August 2015 we met on the second floor of Molly Malone’s and around 11PM headed off to the Esquire Movie Theater for the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture […]

August 3rd, 1860 – The Second Māori War

The New Zealand Wars, which were long known as the Māori Wars, were a series of armed conflicts that took place in New Zealand from 1845 to 1872 between the New Zealand government and indigenous Māori. Though the wars were initially localized conflicts triggered by tensions over disputed land purchases, they escalated dramatically on August […]

Sunday Summary – August 2nd, 2015

So what did you miss this week? This week we had articles on transgendered time lords, beasts under New York City, flashbacks of the Time Travelers’ Ball, flights on airships, mysteries in The Shadow, songs from outer space, a new line of Steampunk gaming miniatures, and much more . . .

Steampunk Crowdfunding July Roundup

What’s on Tap for Aug/Sept Publishing Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken cover art (Ends Aug 5) Iron Horses Can’t Be Broken is the sixth in the Galvanic Century series of steampunk thrillers. Its in the revision and editing phase, and set to be released this September… all it needs is a worthy cover. That’s where you […]

August 2nd, 1873 – San Francisco’s First Cable Cars

The Clay Street Hill Railroad was the first successful cable hauled street railway. It was located on Clay Street, a notably steep street in San Francisco in California, and first operated on August 2nd, 1873.

An Intergalactic Phone Call – “Clouds Across the Moon”

In March of 1985 a one hit wonder of galactic proportions took European charts by storm, touching down at number nine in Sweden, number six in Britain, and number five in the Netherlands. The song “Clouds Across the Moon” by The RAH Band is a soulful ballad set in the future in which a woman […]

Your Wireless Future

I dream of a wireless future. We introduced cables for the first time with the discovery of electricity. This magical source of power traveled along wires to bring light and sound to far away places. The invention of the telegraph led to wires stretching from coast to coast, and eventually across the Atlantic itself. By […]

August 1st, 1801 – Victory for the USS Enterprise!

The third ship to be named USS Enterprise, was a schooner, built by Henry Spencer at Baltimore, Maryland, in 1799, whose command was given to Lieutenant John Shaw. This ship was overhauled and rebuilt several times, effectively changing from a twelve gun schooner to a fourteen gun topsail schooner and eventually to a brig. On August […]

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