Cinematheque – The Alchemist’s Letter

This short animated film has to be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen, both visually and in spirit. It serves as a warning to us all not to forget the most important thing in life: love. Visit the website to see the full video, or check out the trailer below for […]

May 12th, 1941 – The First Computer!

On May 12th, 1941, Konrad Zuse presented the Z3, the world’s first working programmable, fully automatic computer, in Berlin. The Z3 was an electromechanical computer designed by Konrad Zuse. It was the world’s first working programmable, fully automatic digital computer. The Z3 was built with 2000 relays, implementing a 22-bit word length that operated at a clock […]

City of Heroes

I play a lot of games these days. Most of them are the family game night variety. We play lots of UNO, some Sorry (and iterations of,) and so on. Occasionally I’ll play a hand or five of Magic: The Gathering with Hubby and Sprocket One. As for video games, I’ve up and lost my […]

Nerfpunk: Costuming with a (Comical) Mission

Everyone has their own flavor of punk. Steampunk. Dieselpunk. Clockpunk. Atompunk. Even bustlepunk. Now, meet Nerfpunk. The brainchild of Austin and Megan Maude Sirkin, Nerfpunk is a tongue-in-cheek attempt to reverse the common trend of steampunking Nerf weapons, which Austin calls the unofficial mascot of steampunk. Instead of repainting brightly colored Nerf weapons in blacks, […]

May 11th, 1857 – Indian Rebels Seize Delhi!

The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the East India Company‘s army on May 10th, 1857, in the cantonment of the town of Meerut, and soon escalated into other mutinies and civilian rebellions largely in the upper Gangetic plain and central India, with the major hostilities confined to present-day Uttar […]

Sunday Summary – May 10th, 2015

So what did you miss this week? Monday, May 4th, 2015 On May 4th, 1859, Isambard Kingdom Brunel completed his final bridge, Phoebe Darqueling reviewed the b-movie Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, and Katie Lynn Daniels reported on the Dirigible Races from the 2015 International Steampunk Symposium. Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 May 5th, 1865 saw the first US train robbery, we […]

A World Without Heroes

I’m glad there are no real “superheroes” in our world that we know of. I am glad Superman, Spiderman, The Avengers, X-Men and all those types exist only in our imagination, comic books, movies, TV and the odd cosplay event. Yes, I said it, scandalous I know. You want to know why? Well, think about […]

May 10th, 1872 – A Female U.S. President?

Victoria Claflin Woodhull, later Victoria Woodhull Martin, was an American leader of the woman’s suffrage movement. On May 10th, 1872, Woodhull became the first female candidate for President of the United States. An activist for women’s rights and labor reforms, Woodhull was also an advocate of free love, by which she meant the freedom to marry, divorce, and bear […]

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