“Neverland” – Mini-Series Review

My favorite Peter Pan of all time has to be the one who terrorized the citizens of Storybrooke on Once Upon a Time, but I think as a whole the 2011 mini-series Neverland is the most interesting (re)interpretation of J. M. Barrie’s classic story that I have come across. Or rather, this story is of […]

May 18th, 1812 – British Prime Minister Assassinated!

Spencer Perceval, is the only British prime minister to have been assassinated. He is also the only solicitor general or attorney general to have been prime minister. The younger son of an Irish earl, Perceval was educated at Harrow School and Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied law at Lincoln’s Inn, practised as a barrister on […]

Sunday Summary – May 17th, 2015

So what did you miss this week? Monday, May 11th, 2015 On May 11th, 1857 Indian rebels seized Delhi from the British, Lucretia Strange investigated the origins of Nerf Punk, and Calamity Dawn shared her favorite game City of Heroes. Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 May 12th, 1941, Germans invent the first modern computer, Phoebe Darqueling reviewed The Alchemist’s […]

Amusements & Amazements at the Steampunk World’s Fair

This weekend in Raddison Hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey, performers, presenters, and plain old folks are converging for the Steampunk World’s Fair.  It is reportedly, the largest steampunk event in the world and they pull out all the stops to make it so. The shows start at 3 p.m. on May 15th, 2015 with four […]

May 17th, 1875 – The First Winner of the Kentucky Derby!

On May 17th, 1875, fifteen horses were entered in the first Kentucky Derby, two of them fillies. The track was fast, the weather was fine, and 10,000 people were in attendance. Aristides was one of two horses entered by Hal McGrath. The other was Chesapeake. Both horses wore the green and orange silks of H.P. […]

The Pandora Society at the Steampunk World’s Fair

On Thursday we drove about 600 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio to Pistacataway for the biggest attended Steampunk event of them all, the Steampunk World’s Fair! The Steampunk World’s Fair (SPWF) was first held May 14th –16th, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel, Piscataway, New Jersey. The organizers anticipated several hundred people to attend, but nearly 3,000 […]

May 16th, 1888 – Tesla Presents Alternating Currents

Nikola Tesla did not invent alternating currents, but he did make it a viable technology for the distribution of electricity. The first alternator to produce alternating current was a dynamo electric generator based on Michael Faraday‘s principles constructed by the French instrument maker Hippolyte Pixii in 1832. Pixii later added a commutator to his device to produce […]

Myst Comes to Hulu

On Tuesday, May 5th it was announced that Rand Miller and other members of Cyan had signed on Hulu, the popular streaming service, to help create a TV series based around the popular and surreal adventure game, Myst. Cyan created Myst in the early 90s, and immediately the adventure game series that took the world […]

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