This Day in History – February 15th, 1879

On February 15th, 1879, American President Rutherford B. Hayes signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases before the Supreme Court of the United States; one of many social reforms he enacted while in office. Hayes took office determined to reform the system of civil service appointments, which had been based on the spoils system […]

Symposium Session – Crowd Funding a Successful Project

Crowd Funding: Prepping for a Successful Project and Following Through to “Funded!” Presented by Robert Turk (aka Gandersnitch the Goblin) The challenges of crowd funding your project and how to plan for success and achieve your funding goal. Presented by successful kickstarter authors Robert Turk. Crowd funding is an awesome thing for today’s makers, however so […]

Symposium Games – Bocce

The first game you ladies and gents get to play takes place in Paris France, it’s an old game and there are many forms of the rules out there, so disagreements can pop up during matches from time to time. Disagreements can turn into arguments, and arguments often can bring someone to start boasting (which […]

This Day in History – February 14th, 1876

Alexander Graham Bell was a professor of elocution at Boston University and tutor of deaf children while pursuing his own research into a method of telegraphy that could transmit multiple messages over a single wire simultaneously, a so-called “harmonic telegraph”. Bell formed a partnership with two of his students’ parents, including prominent Boston lawyer Gardiner […]

Symposium Session – A Plausible STEAMPUNK Setting or World

A Plausible STEAMPUNK Setting or World Presented by Edmund W. Charlton Alternate History of a Steampunk World – Presentation and Discussion of a plausible setting or timeline that fits how we think of a Steampunk world. At the beginning of the Panel Session the speaker(s) hand out a sheet of very brief talking points and a […]

Voodoo Carnival 2015 Schedule!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we look forward to seeing you all in your fabulous attire this Saturday (Feb. 14th) for the fifth annual Voodoo Carnival at the Southgate House Revival (111 East 6th Street, Newport, KY 41071).  Please note that this an outline schedule, times may not be exact . . . 8PM – Doors Open […]

This Day in History – February 13th, 1881

La Citoyenne (The Citizeness) was a French feminist newspaper published in Paris from 1881 through 1891 by Hubertine Auclert. It was first published on February 13th, 1881, and appeared bi-monthly. The newspaper was a forceful and unrelenting advocate for women’s enfranchisement, demanding changes to the Napoleonic Code that relegated women to a vastly inferior status. […]

Symposium Session – Victorian Medicine to Modern Fetish

Victorian Medicine to Modern Fetish Presented by Andy The Nordic Love God This is about how Victorian medical practices and devices have influenced and directly impacted modern fetishes. There will be visual examples as well as demonstrations. This is an 18 and up only panel. The session will include a talk on what Victorian medicine was […]

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