Delain: Breaking Musical Norms

What does Steampunk have in common with Goth subculture? The symphonic metal artist Delain. This Dutch band was formed by former Within Temptation keyboardist Martjin Westerholt, with the vocals of Charlotte Wessels. While most artists sing about love, breakups, love, betrayal, love, relationships, and love, Delain sings about acceptance, environment, and social tolerance. The band […]

This Day in History – February 24th, 1875

The SS Gothenburg was a steamship that operated along the British and then later the Australian and New Zealand coastlines. In February 1875, she left Darwin, Australia en route to Adelaide when she encountered a cyclone-strength storm off the north Queensland coast. The ship was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef north-west of Holbourne Island […]

Symposium Session – Youth Crafting & Costuming

Youth Crafting & Costuming Presented by Madison Kollig The basics of costuming for teenager budget. Costuming on a budget and how the younger generation can also enjoy the Steampunk culture. Speaker: Madison Kollig has been attending the Steampunk events since early 2012, She has a love of theater and history. Madison also goes by Blair Sparrowhawk who is an […]

Symposium Poster Tease . . . Part One

The International Steampunk Symposium cannot adequately express our thanks to Bryan Arendt and Sir Bobbins of TeslaCon for their amazing help in creating this year’s final poster! Over the course of this week we shall be performing a burlesque strip tease as we slowly reveal this beauty of a poster . . . and there […]

Top Five DieselPunk Movies

Recently we polled active members of The Pandora Society Facebook Group on their favorite DieselPunk movies, and here are the results for the top five . . . 5. Sucker Punch (2011) Close your eyes. Open your mind. You will be unprepared. Sucker Punch is an epic action fantasy that takes us into the vivid imagination […]

This Day in History – February 23rd, 1820

The Cato Street Conspiracy was an attempt to murder all the British cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Lord Liverpool that was exposed on February 23rd, 1820. The name comes from the meeting place near Edgware Road in London. The police had an informer and the plotters fell into a police trap and 13 were arrested, while one […]

Sunday Summary – February 22nd, 2015

So what did you miss this week? Monday, February 16th, the US starting using silver dollars, we looked forward to making a Pet Squid at the International Steampunk Symposium, we reported on the Voodoo Carnival and got your feedback, and continued the Call of Cthulhu podcast.   Tuesday, February 17th, saw the first “successful” submarine attack on […]

Short Story – “The Gospel According to Verdu”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you a Sunday Steampunk Short Story. If you wish to submit your own prose for the reading pleasure of The Pandora Society please following the instructions at the end of this tale . . .  Excerpt from The Gospel According to Verdu  (book 2 of the Brofman Series) by Emilie P. […]

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