Symposium Session – Victorian Conduct Manuals to Current Modes

Victorian Conduct Manuals to Current Modes Presented by Renea Frey This workshop will examine the past history of Victorian conduct manuals for women and connect those ideals with current trends in women’s ideology and communication. Hands-on activities and discussion will lead to problem-solving and skills-based instruction for creating and maintaining a more compassionate, supportive environment in […]

This Day in History – February 28th, 1883

Vaudeville is a theatrical genre of variety entertainment. It was especially popular in the United States and Canada from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. A typical vaudeville performance is made up of a series of separate, unrelated acts grouped together on a common bill. Types of acts have included popular and classical musicians, […]

Symposium Session – Basics to Leather Working

Basics to Leather Working Presented by Bret Daly An introduction to leather working, from purchasing the right leather for the job, to cutting and staining. This session will also include a demonstration on making a product from beginning to end which will be given away to one lucky person.   Speaker: Bret Daly is a tinkerer […]

Weekend Recommendations – February 27th, 2015

It’s time for your weekly report of where we’re going to be this weekend, or where we wish we could be . . . Click on the banners to learn more and RSVP to the event’s Facebook page. Friday, February 27th, 2015 Feb. 27th at 3PM to March 1st at 6PM – Atlanta Marriott Century Center, 2000 Century Boulevard […]

This Day in History – February 27th, 1870

The exact origin of the Hinomaru is unknown, but the rising sun seems to have had some symbolic meaning since the early 7th century (the Japanese archipelago is east of the Asian mainland, and is thus where the sun “rises”). In 607, an official correspondence that began with “from the emperor of the rising sun” was […]

Symposium Session – Victorian Embellishments

Victorian Embellishments Presented by Julie Feirtag Learn to make pleating, roses, bows and other embellishments for your Victorian costuming. A hands on sewing class where various Victorian embellishments will be taught by two master sewers experienced in making historically accurate costumes. Speaker: Julie Feirtag is a seamstress known for making her own beautiful historically accurate costumes […]

Symposium Poster Tease . . . Part Four

The International Steampunk Symposium cannot adequately express our thanks to Bryan Arendt and Lord Bobbins of TeslaCon for their amazing help in creating this year’s final poster! Today we expose ALL of the poster and guest of honour Leanna Renee Hieber . . . oh yeah, and that chap people call Aloysius Fox. Regrettably we must also […]

Symposium Entertainment – Frenchy & the Punk

As was revealed by our poster exposure, Frenchy and the Punk will be headlining the entertainment line up for this year’s International Steampunk Symposium which takes a different path from the usual line up of bands you would expect at a steampunk convention. Not surprisingly, Frenchy and the Punk will be representing France as Samantha Stephenson […]

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