2015 Symposium Games Scoreboard

The Logo of the Kraken Alliance

The Logo of the Kraken Alliance

My name is Caelyn Nagle and I have been the Symposium Games Director since 2013. I kinda stepped in that year out of last minute necessity and the job stuck. 🙂

That being said, another Symposium Games has come to an end, and another trophy has been awarded! This year our Symposium Games champion is an alliance of groups from the Cincinnati area called The Kraken Alliance. The Kraken Alliance consisted of Airship Ashanti, The Clan of Teks and HMS Katastrophe. The Captain of Airship Ashanti was the primary organizer and director of the Alliance.

Centroid Logo

The Logo of Airship Centroid

For the first time since it’s inception, the Symposium Games championship points were not only close, but there was a TIE!. This tie between The Kraken Alliance and Airship Centroid from Hamilton, OH had them both at 320 points. Not far behind were Circle City Aerodrome with 255, Dodge City Airship with 240 and The Corsair Iniquitous with 225. When it first came to light that there was a tie, my second in command Hanah and I snuck away to Con Ops to decide what to do. We had a few ideas but we wanted to run them past Aloysius Fox first, and when we pulled him into Con Ops we threw both our ideas out the window and we all came up with the great idea of bringing the tie down with one final Toy Gun Duel between representatives of both groups. So what we ended up with was a duel between Mandisa Njeri, captain of Airship Ashanti and Sir Xires Del’vasya, owner of Airship Centroid. The winner of the duel would receive an extra 10 points for their team. Mandisa, the shorter of the two, seemed to be too small a target for Sir Xires, and in the end Mandisa ended it with a shot to his chest.

Final Shot Out ISS2015 Tikvah 680

The Final Duel between Mandisa Njeri, and Sir Xires Del’vasya (Photo Hannah Tikvah)

For transparency and remediation purposes I will be publishing the scoreboard below. It is expected that the more competitive of you will see this scoreboard as a way to know where your past weaknesses were and how to squeeze more points out of your team for next year. We also might expect that some of you may see this and think victory may be a harder fought thing than you realized, when you see the sheer number of ways to score. This is why I strongly believe that regional alliances are the way to go. Get together with other local steampunks, airships and groups, pick a leader and get started making plans for the 2016 Symposium Games!

Without further ado, here is the 2015 Symposium Games scoreboard:

Click to see full size

Click to see full size

You might notice that while Centroid did very well in several areas of the board, The Kraken Alliance did moderately well  to good in just a few more areas, especially if you break apart the combined scoring areas like Penny Farthing, Curiosities, Pin up etc. Much of the competition comes down to just making sure you have someone entered in each game or event (And having a plan beforehand to make sure your best is entered)

So there you have it, now that we have that out of the way I have some news that some of you may already know. After a very fun and very successful 2015 Symposium Games, I am retiring as Games Director and a new director will be chosen to take my place. There are many reasons why I’ve come to this decision, but they are reasons I don’t want to get into in such a public forum as they are personal in nature. I believe my replacement has already been tapped, but I’ll let Aloysius announce that in his own time. I will be transferring all of my files to my successor and I will be there to answer his/her questions online. I do still hope to see everyone at the 2016 Symposium, but as an attendee instead of a staff member. (Unless I get talked into a smaller, less stressful role. . . not likely though)


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