2015 International Steampunk Symposium Entertainment

This past weekend, the International Steampunk Symposium was held at the Eastgate Holiday Inn in Cincinnati. A packed entertainment schedule was a large part of the festivities.

I was privileged enough to play host to some awesome performers over the weekend.

Friday, things got kicked off with Cincinnati’s own tribal rock band Acarya. Liz and Wes set the tone for the multi-cultural, around-the-world trip the convention would be taking.

FrenchyFriday evening, the convention headliners Frenchy and the Punk took the Jungle Jim’s stage to commemorate the conventions travel through France and Europe. Frenchy and the Punk are Samantha Stephenson and Scott Helland, and have been called “the jewel of the steampunk scene”. They have become Pandora favorites, with this being the fourth time they’ve played a Pandora event! They kept the crowd dancing all through their hour-long set.

Saturday the airships took the convention into Asia, starting with Mohenjo Daro with their Northern Indian and World Music early in the day. Then moving on to Japan, Yayoi Renfro from Frankfort, Kentucky entertained con-goers with traditional and contemporary Japanese songs and dances.

Directly after Yayoi’s set, Sakura Women’s Chorus sang the airships off the island of Japan on their way in their race.

Once on their way, the airships found the mysterious lost lab of Dr. Frankenstein, as portrayed by Troupe Roja from Dayton, Ohio. This troupe of dancers shared a story of creation of life, betrayal, murder, and resurrection all through belly dance. I even helped them along with a little bit of sword swallowing while their troupe reset for their next dances.

Saturday night, DJ Doctor Q and Sir Reginald Pikedevant Esquire from the Artifice Club took over to run the Steampunk Ball. The ball has already been covered in an excellent article by Pandora author M. Leigh Hood. Special thanks to Don and Leah Dodson for leading the dances during the formal hour of the ball.

bloodybrillAlso Saturday night was the debut of Gandersnitch the Goblin’s Bloody Brilliant Show! For the first show, he interviewed Scott Helland from Frenchy and the Punk, made an “authentic” steampunk hat, and hosted the Doctor Who Dating Game where couples answered Doctor Who themed questions about one another.

Sunday, Frenchy and the Punk took the stage one last time for a set of songs sung half in French. Then Les Odalisques performed a dance on the upper terrace as the airships reached their final destination of London.

Once the airships landed at the finish line, it was time for performers, adventurers, panelists, and airship crews alike to disembark until next year where that rabbit hole shaped vortex is looming.


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