Costume Contest – David Lee

Today’s Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest entries start with this diving suit from David Lee. I am the maker of this costume. I was inspired by the dive suit I made for Mike Seals of Dallas, GA upon seeing the great response he received while wearing his. My ego promptly informed me that I needed one […]

Costume Contest – Eloise Green

This afternoon’s featured contestant in the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest is the Baroness Evaine Morgana Blackwood aka Eloise Green. This costume is my first steampunk attempt ever. Dare I say it, I’m a bit proud of the final product. ‘Baroness Evaine Morgana Blackwood’ is the name of this character. I wanted a strong sounding name to […]

Costume Contest – Lisa Renee Devonesque

Tomorrow is the last day to enter our Steampunk (Online) Costume Costume . . . voting begins June 19th. This morning’s featured contestant is Lisa Renee Devonesque. Madame Persephone Ophelia Potts of Devon, England, wears the transitional colors from grieving widowhood thrust upon her some two years past. Not yet completely returned from the depths of […]

Costume Contest – Prof D’Still

Voting begins on June 19th, but here is another sneak peek  at a great costume entry for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest. This was a bustle and kilt with cape made from tartan imported and pleats made from scratch totalling over 100 hours work including all the toiles. Concept – Kat Douglas and Neave Willougby. Story […]

Costume Contest – Jared Presley

Another great entry for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest, Jared Presley. The Steampunk Jim Henson Costume is a evolving process of finding the right accessories and clothing. Caelyn Nagle helped me with making my goggles and Kermit’s goggles. Most of the clothing came from various thrift stores around Cincinnati, Ohio. I had the Kermit Puppet for quite […]

Steampunk Symposium 2014 Motion Picture

If you were unable to attend this year’s Steampunk Empire Symposium, then we bring the Symposium to you thanks to our friends at the Steampunk Chronicles . . .    

Costume Contest – RJ “Dirk Astor” Foster

There is today, tomorrow and Monday to enter your favorite outfit into our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest . . . midnight on June 16 is the deadline. Today we start our Costume Contest features with RJ “Dirk Astor” Foster.   My name is RJ Foster and I am the Owner and Creator of Steps In […]

Costume Contest – Ashley Jenkins

Our last featured costume for today in the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest comes from Ashley Jenkins. I made the Steampunk Green Fairy last year for TeslaCon. I modified the skirt from my old prom dress and added ribbons, beads and glitter to the tulle which I shredded. I also made the headpiece and the shoes (which you can’t see) […]

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