Costume Contest – Richter Omega

Our final Costume Contest entry . . . Richter Omega from Dr Roberts Traveling Odditorium! What is Dr. Robert’s Traveling Odditorium? The Odditorium exists to create a unique experience for both the steampunk elite and newcomers alike. We are a sideshow of steampunk misfits, traveling through space and time to gather the most amazing, magnificent and strange creatures […]

Costume Contest – Kitty Kim

Here is our penultimate entry for our costume contest . . . Kitty Kim. Meet Puzzle of the grounded airship M.G.S. Hellcat! I stick to the “punk” side of steampunk, and the name of the game is thrifting. All clothing was purchased on the cheap from secondhand stores and super-sales, my tail and ears were […]

Costume Contest – Melinda Haren

Voting begins tomorrow, and today we showcase our final entries into The Pandora Society’s first annual Costume Contest . . . this morning we present Melinda Haren. This is my Steampunk Anne Bonny, a female pirate from the 18th century. These are photos of the full costume along with close up views of Steam Monkey, my […]

Costume Contest – Alanna Keith

This afternoon we present to you Alanna Keith‘s entry for our Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest. My character sometimes goes by the name Indra.  This outfit slowly evolved out of my first attempt to wear something vaguely Victorian to my first Steampunk convention.  I already owned the green shirt, the brown skirt, and the magnificent brown ‘leather’ […]

Costume Contest – Yami Kuronue

There were many entries for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest; today and tomorrow we feature the final entries before we begin voting. Today we present Yami Kuronue. Laika Leonne is meant to be an automaton, constructed from a doll-like chassis, the brain and extremities of a cougar, and a Babbage Engine (in the hat). I purchased […]

Costume Contest – Julia Wahle

The deadline for submissions has passed, voting begins on June 19th, but meanwhile we shall feature more of the entries we have received . . . this morning Julia Wahle. “Luna Colette” is my character and ever-evolving costume that I’ve been working on since I was 15. She originally started out as a Renaissance Festival outfit […]

Costume Contest – Lizzieluv Trinkets

Midnight is almost here . . . in the next couple of days we will be featuring the remaining entries for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest that have arrived and are arriving, but for now we present to you Lizzieluv Trinkets. Let me begin by saying, I love this outfit.  I will start with the corset. […]

Costume Contest – Mark Hodge

We have a few more pictures to highlight for the Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest. The deadline for entries is tonight at midnight (EST) and voting begins on June 19th. This afternoon we present to you Mark Hodge. The character is based upon the film League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I’ve created an extra character named Baron Von […]

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