Women of Awesomeness: Marion Ravenwood (Part Two)

The last time we saw Marion was at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. She and Indy were on the steps of a government building in D.C., there was kissing and talk of getting a drink. We don’t actually see Marion again until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What […]

Steampunks at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair – Day One

We present to you several pictures taken by Richard Carneval of the Traveling Revelers to show you some of what you missed if you could not make it to the Steampunk Weekend yesterday. Fortunately, we have a whole new day of Steampunk in the Middle Ages today with pretty much the same schedule. Full summary of the […]

Urban Fantasy 101

Urban fantasy really seemed to blossom around the early 80’s. Authors like Emma Bull and Mercedes Lackey wrote stories about people who appeared fairly mundane being thrust into fantastical situations. Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks (1987) was about a rock musician pulled into the middle of a Faerie war. Mercedes Lackey introduced several books during […]

Kentucky Ren Fair Steampunk Weekend Details

Ladies & Gentlemen, today is day one of the third annual Steampunk Weekend at the Kentucky Renaissance Festival presented by the Pandora Society. The weekend runs both June 21st and 22nd this year, and we’ve added a few things this time around . . . Gates open at 10AM, which gives you plenty of time to […]

New Items in the Pandora Society Store

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Age of Steam and aether exploration is a dangerous place, which is why we offer you these opportunities to defend yourself in style. The following items have been added to the Pandora Society Store. Designed by Sir Anthony Stark Esquire, this rifle was the basis for the popular Mercurian Gator Rifle. […]

Out of the Gate Results for Costume Voting.

Yesterday was the first day of voting for your favorite outfit in our first ever Steampunk (Online) Costume Contest, but there are still two weeks left before we announce the final results. Meanwhile, with less than 24 hours of voting, we can share with you the three outfits that have taken the lead . . […]

Doctor Who – The Master Returns (Part Two)

Previously we looked at the first incarnation of The Master, Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis, and this week we continue the analysis of this deadly foe. “You craven-hearted, spineless poltroon!” How do you replace a wildly popular character when the actor that portrayed him no longer lives? Well, if you’re the writers of Doctor Who, a program that […]

Vote for Your Favorite Steampunk Costume

We certainly have enjoyed seeing all the entries that came in for our first ever Costume Contest, and now it is time to vote! Contestants are listed in alphabetical order by first name, and each picture is linked to his or her feature profile if you wish to learn more about the outfit. The voting […]

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