Let’s Get Further Acquainted

In an effort to further get acquainted with our audience and attendees, we invite you to join our new Pandora Society Facebook Group for strange and wonderful people. Not only will we be posting most of our updates there, but we also encourage you to share details of the projects that you are working on. […]

A Matter of Antimatter

Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry (who in my humble opinion is a true visionary and prophet of science fiction and science fact) is one of the most important things to further the advancement of humanity since the TARDIS. I could go on for hours about how his show actually brought us much of the […]

Chasing Behind the Leaders

We’ve given you updates on the top three contestants, but have you been curious to know who are the three contestants currently behind them in hot pursuit of a top slot? Well, today we reveal which costumes are in fourth, fifth, and sixth place. Voting began on Thursday June 19th in our first ever Steampunk […]

Doctor Who – Tired of Waiting?

So I’m sick and tired of waiting for the new season of Doctor Who. I’m sure you are too, so for all you Whovian junkies like myself I have found a fix . . . FAN FICTION! There are a number of very creative people out there who have been making wonderful stories in the […]

Women of Awesomeness: Buffy Summers

  In 1992 Joss Whedon (creator of oh so many things beloved in geek/nerdom) brought us a singularly appealing movie; Buffy the Vampire Slayer. At first blush it just looked silly. It was about a self-centered, cute ditzy cheerleader who just so happened to be the long lost mystical Slayer of vampires. Turns out the […]

Friday “In Conclusion” – June 27th

  Starting this week we present a weekly feature to review the highlights of this week’s articles and offer a few suggestions for what you might wish to do with your weekend. This month’s Costume Contest continues to pull in the votes, and this week saw a change in the top three contestants. The final […]

Doctor Who – The Master (Part 3 : A New Body, At Last)

  Today we present to you the third installment (Part One and Part Two proceeded) of our analysis of Doctor Who’s arch-nemesis, The Master. Having taken over the body of Tremas (wait… that’s an anagram for something, innit?), the Master has been given a renewed life dedicated to destruction, chaos, and humiliating the Doctor. Gone […]

Getting to Know You Better.

On October 15th, 2008 five people meet and form the League of Cincinnati Steampunks. July of 2009, Aloysius Fox meets Travis Fessler of the Pickled Brothers Circus, and less than a year later they form Queen City Cabaret and stage their first vaudeville show in May 2010. Several shows later the cabaret begins to evolve […]

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