Off the Beaten Path – Vendor Profile

Off the Beaten Path Books is the midwest’s only Steampunk – themed bookstore & Emporium. Our goal is to carry the most steampunk titles and be a one-stop shopping experience for your steampunk needs. Learn more about this unique bookstore via their Facebook page.  

Myke Amend & Bethalynne Bajema – Vendor Profile

Myke Amend and Bethalynne Bajema are a creative duo who work their surrealist magics in the weird-tales and strange fiction vein, and are known for creating album covers, book cover and other works for some of Steampunk’s best known musicians, authors, and magazines. Both have been guest artists at the Steampunk Empire Symposium, Myke in […]

Creative Kender Press – Vendor Profile

When we are little, we are encouraged to believe in fairy tales, princesses, goblins, castles and dragons. Somewhere along the line, we are told that we have to “grow up”. We are told that believing in these things is childish; that they are fake, and therefore a waste of our time. We move on, go […]

Highwind Steamworks – Vendor Profile

At Highwind Steamworks, we create unique items of jewelry, leatherwork, goggles, accessories and props. Most of our items incorporate vintage and antique parts, and all are made with quality components. Our jewelry only uses Swarovski, semi-precious or precious stones, and every piece, no matter how big or small, has been handmade by us and we […]

Hat Trix – Vendor Profile

Hat Trix is the millinery collaboration of Mary Jo Stockman and Paula Thompson. Hats for gentlemen of quality and urban adventurers. Ladies’ hats and fascinators that are beautiful, unique and may contain a surprise.We strive to use authentic materials and techniques and to make heirloom quality pieces. We dye most of the colored feathers ourselves […]

Pandoracon joins the Cincinnati Comic Expo

  In 2012 Pandoracon provided Cincinnati with a new way to experience a Sci-Fi & Fantasy convention with interactive games and events, and now the Pandora Society is excited to announce that we shall be partnering with the Cincinnati Comic Expo this year! The remaining Pandoracon staff will be heavily involved in adding new panels […]

Goblin Road – Vendor Profile

Fine leather masks, strange dolls, and unique steampunk creations – handmade by artisans Robert and Rebecca Turk. Learn more and check out their current stock at the Goblin Road Etsy Store.

Frank and Steele – Vendor Profile

Frank and Steele designs and creates Steampunk paraphernalia ranging from gears to personal devices using 3D Printer technologies.

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