2014 Steampunk Symposium Theme – Steam Wars!

SES2014 Leia PCLadies & Gentlemen, it may have come to your attention recently that we have delightful theme for this year’s Symposium, that of Steam Wars – The Steampunk Empire Strikes Back. Many of our guests of honour this year have been chosen for their work that combines Star Wars and Steampunk such as Sillof’s Workshop and his custom action figures, and both John Strangeway and Danny Ashby for their renowned Boba Fett outfits; several of the Symposium Games have a “Star Wars” inspiration to them.

Many attendees will be costuming in Steampunk Star Wars; however, we wish to make it clear that it is far from mandatory to do so. The majority of Symposium attendees and staff will still be dressed in their favorite steampunk attire and there is no pressure at all to conform to the theme of this year’s convention.

We are very excited about having a theme for 2014’s Symposium and are already planning possible themes for 2015, but before we get too carried away with this we would like to gauge public opinion of the concept of the Symposium having a theme each year . . . therefore we invite you to cast your vote on the Symposium 2014 Facebook Event Page . . . we would like to know what YOU think.

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