Wars of Other Men at Pandoracon

Pandoracon is excited to be joined by “The Wars of Other Men” director Mike Zawacki and lead actor Scott Norman. Set in an alternate 1920s-era world at war, “The Wars of Other Men” tells the story of a nameless Lieutenant fighting for an army on the verge of defeat. The enemy has begun to dominate […]

Five Year Mission

Pandoracon is thrilled to have Five Year Mission as part of its geeky music line up! Five Year Mission is the collaboration of five Star Trek fans who endeavor to write and record a song for each of the episodes of the original Star Trek series from the 1960s.  We love the show, and we wanted […]

Klingons on the Starboard Side!

As part of the diverse line up of guests and entertainers that Pandoracon has to offer this year, we are pleased to announce il Troubadore. il Troubadore, known on the planet Qo’noS as bomwI’pu’ has been performing tlhIngan QoQ (Klingon music) live since 2009. il Troubadore’s mission is to record and perform all existing songs in the complete musical oeuvre of […]

Daleks invade Pandoracon!!!

Pandoracon will once more be invaded by Daleks! Last year we declared that there was no way we could possibly challenge a screen accurate Dalek to purchase a badge so we surrendered free badges to them; it’s happening again this year! If you are the dutiful servant (because let’s face it, the Dalek owns you, […]

The Doctor Who Room

Pandoracon is thrilled to herald the return of Who North America to Cincinnati . . . not only will they be bringing their vast array of Doctor Who merchandize, but they will also be running the Doctor Who Room . . . over a thousand square feet of everything Whovian! Continuous screenings of new and classic […]

The Magical Midsummer Masquerade

Saturday night saw the fourth annual Midsummer Masquerade spread its wonder and mystery upon the grounds of Loveland Castle as over two hundred masked revelers partied into the night. The clouds smiled upon the event and did not rain; a full moon hung over the castle giving a pale radiant glow to all the merrymakers. […]

Pandora Fox goes “Into the Labyrinth”

Pandoracon is thrilled to have formed a partnership with The Ringtail Cafe (more details about this coming very soon) who are currently working a new poster design for Pandoracon 2013 that reveals for the first time ever Pandora Fox, the spirit animal of the Pandora Society. See the latest creations from the Ringtail Cafe form […]

Masquerade Rules for Crown Inheritance

Last year’s Midsummer Masquerade saw the first ever Competition of the Crowns, a friendly contest of knowledge, talents, charisma, and wit to see who would rule the four Houses of Pandoracon: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. The contest and the games are organized by the Jokers of Pandoracon and they have released the rules of […]

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