Pandoracon planning and shenanigans

With four months to go, plots and schemes are afoot with measurements and mischief for the 1800 square foot indoor labyrinth being constructed for the second annual Pandoracon.

The new Kings & Queens of Pandoracon?

    A message from the Jokers of Pandoracon . . .  Well met to one and all! The time comes once again for the Mystical, Magical Midsummer Masquerade – a place where fantasy and fun frolic free and flights of fancy find favor. In addition to music, mayhem and madness, we are pleased to […]

Pandoracon on IO9 . . .

. . . mentioned in the same sentence as DragonCon of all things! Check out Emily Finke’s article Slut Shaming and Concern Trolling in Geek Culture on IO9 and read all about how Pandoracon is a good example of an inclusive convention for all people. Also we’re also proud to announce that Emily is Pandoracon’s […]

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