Zahara’s Tangled Web – Time Travelers’ Ball 2015

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Zahara’s Tangled Web is incredibly diverse in their ability to modernize traditional belly dancing with a pop culture twist . . . and this November they are going totally Cyberpunk for the Time Travelers’ Ball!

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Zahara’s Tangled Web has performed at several past Pandora Society shows . . . the Voodoo Carnival, the Midsummer Masquerade, Pandoracon, and the Time Travelers’ Ball . . . wonderful things happen when bellydancers turn out to be as big of a geek as the rest of us.

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Rooted in traditional Middle Eastern dance, and fusing various inspirations, Zahara is a belly dance artist with over ten years experience entertaining audiences in the tri-state area.

Learn more about the 2015 Time Travelers’ Ball HERE.


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