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Last week we revealed more details about the 2015 Symposium’s Theme & Schedule, and today we can reveal details regarding the geography and layout of the upcoming International Steampunk Symposium with this map of the Eastgate Holiday Inn hotel’s conference space.




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Registration – North Entrance

Many of you will most likely be entering via the East Entrance adjacent to the hotel’s Front Desk for check in and such, but Registration shall be located near the North Entrance between Sorrento (Con Ops) and Sicily (Curiosities Exhibit & Art Show).


Special Events – Athens

Exclusive VIP events and extra ticketed events such as Afternoon Tea shall occur here.


Social Lounge – Lower Terrace

An area to relax and discuss many things such as cabbages and kings.


Symposium Games – Upper Terrace

The high ceiling of the lobby is the perfect place for RC Dirigible Races, and the Upper Terrance will be the arena for the 2015 Symposium Games as Steampunk Groups from various cities compete in what is best described as the “Steampunk Olympics.” This will also be the location of the Airship Recruitment Fair & Reception on Friday from 4PM to 7PM as groups look to gain honorary crew members for the weekend.


Curiosities Exhibit & Art Show – Sicily

An opportunity to exhibit your best art, inventions, and creations. Details coming soon on registering your entries.


Merchant’s Bazaar (aka Vendor Hall) – Ferrara/Florence

Our marketplace is the perfect place to find a huge variety of clothing, accessories, leatherwork, books, treats, and shiny things. Our Symposium Bookstore will also be located here for you to purchase books and have them signed by many various Steampunk authors.


Main Stage – Venice/Rome

Programming on the main stage will begin with Opening Ceremonies on Friday at 7PM. The main stage will see performances from our musical, dance, and entertainment acts, as well as popular events such as the costume/fashion contest, the Symposium Pin-Up contest. The weekend will also end here for Closing Ceremonies on Sunday at 3PM when we find out which airship won the race around the world.


Film Festival Screening Room – Milan

More details coming soon on this exciting new addition to the Symposium.


Panel Rooms – Verona & Naples

Once more the Symposium will offer a variety of professional speakers and fandom panelists to further educate and stimulate your Steampunk knowledge.


Workshops – Palermo

A place to get more physical . . . a mixture of lessons ranging from dance to combat, and more.


Maker Room – Pompeii

A space for a more hands on experience as experts in their craft share knowledge and tips on all different levels of Making. A great space for taking a break and making something from the pieces provided and whatever you bring.


South Courtyard

Head out of the South Entrance and you will find a number of things such as the return of the British Vintage Car Show, outdoor games, picnics, the smoker’s tent, and some other exciting events we shall be announcing soon.



There are also other events that will be occurring over the weekend that are “off the map,” and organized by different airships . . . plenty of pleasant surprises to be found at the International Steampunk Symposium!

Please note that these room allocations may be subject to change, and should this happen we shall widely publish the updates. 

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