Women of Awesomeness: Marion Ravenwood (Part Two)

Marion Last SceneThe last time we saw Marion was at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. She and Indy were on the steps of a government building in D.C., there was kissing and talk of getting a drink. We don’t actually see Marion again until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What was she up to during the 20+ years after the events of Raiders?

For starters Indy and Marion continued to see each other. While Indy pursued artifacts around the word Marion tried being a journalist. Then she opened a bar in New York City named “The Raven’s Nest.” (Her bar in Nepal was “The Raven.”) She also did a stint as a public relations officer for the museum at Marshall College (where Indy worked as a Professor.) Then a week before their wedding Indy left Marion, no explanation was given. What Indy didn’t know was that Marion was pregnant. It’s uncertain if Marion knew at that time she was pregnant or if she found out after he left. She was hurt and understandably angry, and so decided not to tell Indy of her condition.

When Marion’s son was only three months old she met RAF pilot Colin Williams and eventually they got married. Both Marion and her son, Henry “Mutt”, took the last name Williams. Colin Williams was the only father Mutt knew, and Marion wanted it that way. During WWII Colin Williams was killed. Harold Oxley, a long time friend of Indy and Marion, stepped in and helped raise the young lad.

When Oxley was captured while seeking the crystal skulls, Marion attempted a rescue but was herself captured. She sent her son to find Indy for help. During the adventures that followed Marion revealed to Indy that Mutt was his son. In the end, Indy and Marion were able to rekindle their romance, and this time Indiana Jones did not leave his bride at the altar.

Marion_ravenwood_08Now, many people dismiss Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull as a pretty bad follow up to the original three movies. By and large I agree with the criticisms of the movie. It felt forced, the jokes were tired. They tried too hard to get those one-liners out, and the artifact felt hokey to me. Overall the movie failed to bring the humanity that the first three did. There was little in the way of wonder and discovery. It was a tired movie, sadly. That being said there was one element in the movie where I think it wildly succeeded. The interaction between Indy and Marion was as fresh and wonderfully fun was it was in the very first movie. The chemistry between our romantic leads felt real. The only time Indy really felt like Indy to me was when he argued with Marion.

I think Marion has earned her title of a Woman of Awesomeness due to everything she went through. I often find myself wishing we could have seen more of her. I think it would have been tremendous fun to have a movie dedicated to her, or a series chronicling her adventures after Raiders. Marion Ravenwood was a strong woman, with a wicked sense of humor and an agile mind. She might not have been the most kick-ass woman in filmdom, but she certainly can hold her own.


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