Voodoo Carnival 2015 – Vice Tricks

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Were you at the 2013 Voodoo Carnival? Do you remember Vice Tricks? We certainly do, and could not wait for an opportunity to bring them back to a Pandora Society show!

skull flourishes - goth dark tattoo style art- cling stamp by cherry pie art stamps-f06622

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Forming from the ashes of prominent long-running Louisville Rock & Punk bands, Vice Tricks began as a way to combine our love of melodic 50’s-60’s Rock & Roll with the energy of 70’s punk rock. Along the way have carefully crafted, carved, and botched our sound into something unique. By mixing the deep growl of the Upright Bass with a couple of dirty guitars and a classically trained pianist they’ve developed Vice Tricks into the chaos machine that it is.

Vice Tricks 3King – Vox/Guitar
Twenty year veteran of the punk, rock, & underground music scene; Mr. King has stumbled his way across the Midwest & Northeast playing in many prominent unknown musical acts and stages of every magnitude. Live, while avoiding hitting any actual notes on his guitar, he’s developed a knack for climbing onto bars, light riggings, bouncers and audience members- often whilst belting out indiscernible lyrics in his retro microphone and badgering the crowd for free libations.

VerityVerity Vice – Double Bass
This debonair temptress on the electrified double-bass has been a long time member of the local underground music scene. She spent several years as artistic director and manager of a long running haunted house before transitioning to her true passion as an upright bass player and rock goddess.


Vice Tricks 6Ian – Drums
Ian is a monster. After years on the road doing USO tours & playing in various punk bands, this cool-headed genius now spends his time rocking the skins, the egg, & the Cajon with Vice Tricks. In his free time he can also be found cuddling with his Weimaraner, Turkish or bathing in the back yard.


Joe – Guitar/Vox
A carpenter and jewelry salesman by trade; this six-string samurai brings light to any road trip (mostly with really bad puns, jokes, and songs about bumblebees). Nevertheless he’s adapted to the life of a trickster very nicely.


skull flourishes - goth dark tattoo style art- cling stamp by cherry pie art stamps-f06622

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