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Many things have already been planned for the augural Pandoracon coming this September; guests such as Jason Carter from Babylon 5, artists Billy Tackett and Jeff Carlisle, author Teri A, Jacobs, and the Traveling Revelers are all confirmed, but as the months draw closer the program will grow with bands, exhibitions, gaming, panels, dancers, workshops, and more. This is going to be a participatory program with many opportunities for attendees to get involved with all the fun dorky happenings that Pandoracon has to offer, but to make it a great time for everyone we need a good reliable staff.

Anyone in the Cincinnati area interested in volunteering for Pandoracon 2012 is encouraged to attend an open and informal meeting that will be held in conjunction with the Cincinnati Geek Club meetup at Roxx Electrocafe on Wednesday, May 16th; see the Facebook events page to RSVP and comment. If you have never been to a Cincinnati Geek Club meetup, just ask the staff of Roxx Electrocafe to point us out to you and most likely we’ll be the crowd of nerds whom you suspected. The fun of the Geek Club meetup begins at 6pm and intertwined with all the caffeinated geek-speak we will be sharing ideas and conversations about what people would like to do for Pandoracon.

Subsequent informal meetings will also occur on the third Wednesday of June, July, August, and September in the same location as part of the Cincinnati Geek Club, and an additional formal meeting schedule will start closer to the event.

2 Responses to “Volunteering for Pandoracon

  • I would like to volunteer to run some games at PandoraCon. Particularly some Pathfinder Society, but I can run a few different things or do boardgames. Who would I contact to organize this?

  • I would like to volunteer for pandoracon but due to my schedule i am unable to make the meetings as i work 7-330pm mondays and 5am to 130pm tuesday to friday. With work being shorthanded i have also been working hours on the weekends.

    Is there a way that someone can contact me via email in regarding volunteering.

    I have worked in the vendors room for sugoicon as a general staff member for the past 3-4 years. I have assisted in setting up dealers room if vendors require help, as well as tearing down dealers room during the end of the convention.

    you can also contact me via msn messenger at shidohari@hotmail.com

    Thanks for your consideration.

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