Transolar Galactica


Do I have something special for you? Yes, indeed I do. I have been following these guys for a while now and they just keep getting better, I bring you Transolar Galactica! I have yet to see such the likes as this captain, Remington Trigger, and the sheer disregard for the safety of his crew.

“Let me tell you something: whether my orders are technical, dangerous or goddamned beautifully metaphorical, you better flogging well do ’em. So when I tell you, Ensign Yasaki, to take the second star to the right and drive straight on till morning, you better flogging well do it. You got that?”

Transolar Galactica 2

Captain Remington Trigger

The captain’s arrogance level is off the scale and is only matched by lack of understanding even simple physics. If it wasn’t for his trusted Brigadier Pilot Charles Sang-Soo Yasaki, a genius and ace pilot, I don’t think they would survive a trip to Wal-Mart. Yasaki is often the voice of reason, warning to deaf ears about impending doom. The relationship is a perfectly executed goofball/straight man routine that reminded me of Laurel and Hardy.

Then you have Reginald Murdock and Samson rounding out the command crew. Reggie changes his accent every episode, just getting funnier each time.

Reggie (in a heavy Japanese accent): “I wirr do my best to do honor to you, Trigger-sama.”

Yasaki: “All right… No, Reggie. No!”

Reggie is a clone, he likes guns, and gets killed quite often. Samson, the communications officer, has something dark to hide. A glorious coward whose job it is to repeat what is said by the ships computer. A job he does well, almost as good as his many death scenes.

Captain Trigger: “How bad is it, doctor?”

Sol-Bot: “Physically, there appears to be nothing wrong with him. It seems he has simply given up the will to live.”

Samson: “Somebody please help, I don’t wanna die! I really don’t wanna die! *spits blood* Oh that’s not good…”


So let’s talk about production value for a second. Transolar Galactica is top-notch for what it is, a comedy. The sets are very reminiscent of Batllestar and not really as important as the amazing post production effects that are used. A brilliant and busy use of virtual computer controls, heads up displays, and other floating digital goodies is done in a seamless comical way that pokes fun at every new sci-fi in the last 10 years. The best and greatest is the highly overused and blatant addition of digital lens flare, it’s everywhere. It’s beautifully done, just makes you giggle the entire time. The external cgi is also well done. I was very impressed in how well the physics were portrayed and how well it all blended with the story line. They get a full Dr Forge approval!


These guys are busy too. They have big plans and are on the convention circuit raising money and gaining a large fan base. Currently in production are a series of origin stories for the entire cast, no doubt they will be hysterical. Maybe ole Dr. Forge could get them to come visit us!

Flourish 1


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