The Uncommon Geek podcast Episode 43: SUPERFIGHT!

Episode number art 43

Mr. and Mrs. Uncommon geek square off against each other in 4 rounds of Superfight!

A game that came in February’s LootCrate (which was themed “Play!”) Superfight is a hilarious card game where players create fighters and argue why their fighter would win against another players fighter!

White cards have characters on them, and black cards are attributes that you give to each character! You create the best combination and create your “fighter” and, well, fight!

If you take the game out of this episode, it’s basically listening in on any typical day in The Uncommon geek household.

Be on the edge of your seat as you hear Godzilla, armed with a two-ton tuna and an army of disposable minions fight an ocelot armed with a machete and a Gatling gun! And other epic fights that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

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Listen below and enjoy!


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