The Symposium . . . where to begin?

Chronicle AwardThe Steampunk Empire Symposium MMXIV was an incredible success, so much so that the readers of the Steampunk Chronicles voted it the Best Steampunk Convention in the Midwest!

To say this year’s Symposium was a success is actually an understatement . . . it was a weekend of EPIC proportions and just one post can not come close to describing all that happened. Therefore this week (and possibly into next week) the account will be broken into serial form.

There will be MANY thanks to made in all these posts, but I would like to start first with a HUGE thanks to the Pandora Society staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this weekend actually function and work the way it did; you are all AMAZING 🙂

SES14 Staff

In the posts to come expect to read about mass consumption of tea, the Symposium Games, performers, the Steampunk Boba Fett show down for charity, awards, podcasts, pin-up contests, exhibitors, the Symposium Ball, and MUCH more.

LetterActually we would like to hear more about your experience at Symposium MMXIV via the survey that we should be posting tomorrow, BUT we would also like to invite you to enter our Symposium Journal drawing to win a free badge, t-shirt, or pin for next year’s Symposium by writing a brief account of your experiences at Symposium MMXIV. To enter, please compose a 300 to 500 word journal style account of your Symposium weekend and submit it via The Pandora Society’s contact page by the end of May 6th (yep, you have a week). Please keep the account family friendly and try to include how it felt to be at the events rather than just write a list of what you did, and we will publish some of the best written accounts which will be entered into the drawing. Our secret Committee of Literary Affairs will judge the entries and award their favorite with a Symposium MMXV badge; second place will receive a t-shirt, and third place will receive a pin. Legal disclaimer part . . . by entering your Symposium Journal into the draw you are automatically giving Pandora Promotions LLC permission to publish it on our sites and promotional materials, but we will accredit it to whatever name you entered it under 🙂 We look forward to hearing from you.


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