The Most Popular Steampunk Booze!

Back on May 26th, 2015, we invited you to vote in our poll for the most popular Steampunk Booze, and after leaving the poll open for a couple of weeks, we have the final results for you today!

Gin House 680

Prior to the poll we ran an article about gin based on the fact that it was voted best Steampunk Spirit in the Steampunk Chronicles Reader’s Choice Awards in 2014 . . . upon publishing the article we had many of our readers contesting gin as the Steampunk booze of choice, so we decided to run our own poll to see what our readers think is the best Steampunk spirit alcohol.

The nominations in our poll were taken from a survey conducted via The Pandora Society Facebook Group, we took the top five, the readers of this site voted, and now finally, here are the results . . .

5. Scotch

4. Gin

3. Fireball

2. Rum

1. Absinthe


Thank you to all who participated in this poll, it was fun. Be sure to look out for our June poll coming soon 🙂


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