The Masked Cabaret – July 17th, 2010

Loveland CastleImmediately following the success of the Secret Cabaret in May 2010, plans were underway for a second show, a masquerade at Loveland Castle. I first learned about the castle in 2008 and knew that I had found the place to hold the masquerade I had been planning for several years.

The castle is a hidden gem in the northern outskirts of Cincinnati and began construction in 1927 when First World War veteran Harry Andrews (also known as Sir Harry) decided to build himself a castle.

2010.07 Aloysius 2010.07 FelixBack in 2010 the Midsummer Masquerade was actually called the Masked Cabaret in keeping with a theme that each show should end with the word “cabaret.” In 2011 this event evolved into the Midsummer Masquerade, however, we still consider 2010 to have been the first.


2010.07 Jammin Talent2010 Midsummer Dave & FelixThe night opened with Jammin’ Talent performing aerial dance in the parking lot stage, twisting and turning to magical music while hanging from a 30 foot rig. Robbin’ Marks Magic were the first to perform on the garden stage, introducing a couple of new acts for the masquerade.


2010.07 Travis Fire Whip2010 Dantes Circus The Pickled Brothers Sideshow brought some new tricks as well with an actual flame whip that Travis could crack and launch fire balls into the air. Dante’s Gypsy Circus also provided fire in their tribal belly dancing, and performed bonus acts later in the night while dancing with the crowd in the courtyard to tunes spun by DJ Soundkraft.

2010.07 Allen 2010.07 Dantes 2Photographer Girish Balsavar took some amazing pictures that night and really capture the magic and wonder that was the first Midsummer Masquerade.

Next up was our third show in November, originally called The Clockwork Cabaret, it was changed to The Steam Cabaret.


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