The January Salon Report

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On Saturday, January 3rd, 2015, many ladies and chaps ventured to just across the river from Cincinnati to attend the first Cincinnati Steampunk Salon of the year at Molly Malone’s. At first the Salon was a bit sparse and we feared that many were still tired from wild New Year’s Eve parties, but about an hour in, a huge influx of steampunks arrived and brought attendance up to around 90+ people.

2015.01.03 Salon Group

The evening started with its usual eating, drinking, and socializing. Classical music style covers of alternative songs from the Vitamin String Quartet and such bands played in the background while H.G. Wells’s The First Men in the Moon (1964) played silently on the wall.

This month there were no vendors, but if you are interested in vending at a future Cincinnati Steampunk Salon, please Contact Us and we’ll see what we can arrange . . . set up is usually a table under our banner at the back of the picture above.

2015.01.03 Bret & Co.

Later in the evening the film changed to a silent screening of The Duelists (1977), the beautiful feature film directorial debut from Ridley Scott, but about half through the film it was time for Salon Announcements and Birthdays. Our January birthday boys and girls got up on the stage and were saluted with three rounds of “Hip! Hip! Huzzah!” as has become the Salon tradition. Shortly after that it was time to dim the house lights, fire up the lasers and flashing lights, and hand the music over to DJ Nymphoma as he guided us into the early hours of Sunday . . . the floor was packed with chaps and chapettes dancing to various Swing, New Wave, Goth, and Steampunk tunes, and several of the diehards did not leave the dance floor until the very last song at 1AM.

2015.01.03 Heather Dancing

The February Salon will be co-hosted by the Once Upon An Airship group to add the theme of “The Mechanical Kingdom.” Dressing for the theme is not a requirement (costuming is never a requirement to attend the Salon), but several will be dressed in “Disney” inspired mash-ups as they celebrate their love and Disney and of Steampunk . . . this will make for some great photo ops. Learn more and RSVP on the event page for next month’s Salon.

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The Cincinnati Steampunk Salon is always FREE, and although we typically average about a hundred people, we still have room for another hundred people before be reach room capacity, so please feel welcome to bring as many friends as you wish, and if you don’t have a steampunk outfit please don’t let that stop you . . . the Salon welcomes anyone who has an interest in Steampunk regardless of wardrobe. We look forward to seeing you on February 7th, 2015 🙂


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