The Fairy King and Queen of the Midsummer Masquerade

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The polls are in, the votes have been counted, and now we know the Fairy King and Fairy Queen for Fairy Courts of the Midsummer Masquerade. The candidates were taken from past kings and queens of Pandoracon, the nominations were Draven Amoure and Sir Ernest Octave Suszczynski for king, and Barb Kelsay, Odetta von Kasek, Christina Black, and Gintia Peaseblossom for queen. So which candidates won the vote to become your king and queen of the 2015 Midsummer Masquerade?

2013 Pandoracon Court 680

The 2012 and 2013 Kings and Queens of Pandoracon.

For the 2015 Midsummer Masquerade, the king of the fairies is . . .

Draven Amoure

Draven Amoure

For the 2015 Midsummer Masquerade, the queen of the fairies is . . .

Barb Kelsey

Barb Kelsey

As this year’s king and queen, they will each get two tickets to the Masquerade, each have their own exclusive royal court area, and will be judges in the costume contest to help pick the 2016 royal court.


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