The Dolls of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera

The Dolls of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera is a 90 minute, 4 Act musical with each Act following a different generation of the McAlistair family in the fantastical city of New Albion. The story begins with lonely scientist Annabelle McAlistair’s attempt to bring back her dead love into the body of a mechanical mannequin.

Dolls New Albany

The Steampunk Opera is the first entry in the trilogy, a tragedy following four generations of the McAlistair Family, a doomed bloodline of mad scientists, unscrupulous businessmen, anarchistic revolutionaries, and twisted men and women, and their inventions, the Dolls; robotic receptacles of the spirits of the Dead who can be brought back from an afterlife called Elysium. The Opera follows their bloodline in four acts, showing the ramification of the Dolls invention and the tragic downfall of New Albion. Ultimately the play is about Love, Death, Ghost Robots, Voodoo, Letting Go, and Choices, the ones we ought to make but won’t and the ones we shouldn’t make but we will. I’ve also found the story and its characters to be strangely reflective of the nature of the Steampunk community, both good and ill.

The album feature the vocals talents of Lauren Osborn, Jason Broderick and Kayleigh McKnight (provided by MProductions in London) and is written and produced by Paul Shapera. It can be listened to or purchased here.

Dolls Opera

This September the Manayunk Theatre Company of Philadelphia, PA will be bringing Paul Shapera‘s The Dolls Of New Albion, A Steampunk Opera to the stage as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. To finance the production, the producers have launched an Indiegogo Campaign running from June to July – and you can learn more about the show from the main site –

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  • I saw this show at the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in August and it was AMAZING. I spent weeks imagining how I would stage it if I ever got the chance. If you want a full story synopsis or want to see some pics from another production you can check out my post,

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